Leisure time in the surrounding area

Spa Park

Directly beside the resort you will find the spa gardens of Bad Schönau - the ideal place to recharge your mind and soul or for a leisurely stroll. Spa concerts also take place in summer. For further information click on our Eventcalender.

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Sconarium Bad Schönau

The Sconarium's interactive experience museum deals with the history of the healing mineral water that flows to the earth's surface in Bad Schönau.

Photo: © checkpointmedia/Virgil Widrich

Wehrkirche Bad Schönau

Another attraction is the Wehrkirche in Bad Schönau

0,7 km

Aussichtswarte am Hutwisch

After a short hike you reach the viewing platform at Hutwisch where you can enjoy a beautiful view over the natural landscape of lower austria as far as to lake neusiedl

Photo: ©Wiener Alpen/Franz Zwickl

4 km

Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt

Passionsspielstadt Kirchschlag

Photo: ©Wiener Alpen/Walter Strobl

5 km

Museumsdorf Krumbach

Photo: © www.audiovision.at

5 km

Eis-Greissler Manufaktur Krumbach

Icecream from the famous Eis-Greisler Manufaktur Krumbach

10 km

Windkraftwerk mit Aussichtsplattform - Lichtenegg

Photo: ©Gemeinsame Region Bucklige Welt/www.audivision.at

17 km

Wallfahrtskirche Maria-Schnee - Lichtenegg

Photo: ©Wiener Alpen/Walter Strobl

19 km

Burg Lockenhaus

Photo: ©Burg Lockenhaus

23 km

Dr. Karl Renner Gedenkraum – Hochwolkersdorf

Photo: ©Gedenkraum 1945

33 km

Rosengarten – Pitten

Photo: ©Rosengarten Pitten

36 km

Burg Forchtenstein

Photo: ©Foto im Lohnbuero

45 km

Schneeberg – Raxgebiet

Photo: ©Wiener Alpen/Franz Zwickl

56 km

Naturpark Hohe Wand & Skywalk

Photo: ©Wiener Alpen/Franz Zwickl

57 km

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