Our array of treatments

The main arrays of treatment of the health resort Königsberg are:

  • Gesundheitsvorsorge Aktiv (preventative health measures)
  • Problems/discomfort with the musculoskeletalsystem
  • Vascular diseases
  • Mental illnesses

Specific preventative, rehabilitation and curative programmes, which have been carefully developed from our experts, are perfectly and individually matched to each guest.

Our therapies

Services of our care team
  • Initial examination incl. preparation of therapy plan incl. resting ECG. The ECG is used to measure and analyse electrical potentials that are transmitted via electrodes on the body
  • General consultation
  • Consultation Specialist in Internal Medicine
  • Consultation Specialist in Physical Medicine
  • Consultation Specialist in Psychiatry
  • Nutritional counselling
Carbonic acid

Carbonic acid has proven itself as a cure. It is used for circulatory disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The healing carbonic acid is offered in the form of wet or dry treatments.

Movement therapy
  • Physiotherapy: preservation or recovery (e.g. after surgery) of joint/spine function and muscular strengthening.
  • Underwater exercises: improves general mobility with joint-friendly gymnastics in the exercise pool
  • Spinal exercises: used for prevention and therapy of back pain and tension
  • Treading water: The therapy is carried out in a counter-current basin
  • Mobility exercises: Sitting exercises are used to treat higher degree movement restrictions in the spinal area.
  • Cardio vascular exercises: Focuses on the improvement of cardiac performance, coordination and flexibility
  • Vein exercises: Activates the muscle circulation
  • Vascular and respiratory gymnastics: supports arterial circulation and lung dysfunction using leg and foot muscle exercises
Movement therapies Therarama
  • Spacecurl
  • Rehabilitation-walk
  • Silverfit
  • Walking distance training
  • Climbing wall
  • individual as well as group training
  • Strength and sensomotor training
  • Mobilisation training
  • Medical massage
  • Hydrojet
  • Connective tissue massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Lymphatic drainage massage
  • acupuncture massage
  • massage according to dorn breuss
Natural mud pack

Muscle tension is relieved by applying natural moor (from Schwanberg) in a warmed state.

Hay flower pack

Pre-warmed hay bags are placed on the parts of the body to be treated to relieve pain and stimulate surface circulation.

Quark or clay poultice

These kind of poultices have an analgestic and antiphlogistic effect.

In addition to private health stays with comprehensive preventative and therapy programmes we also offer numerous individually combined packages which can be booked all year round or seasonal.