Our indications


Vascular diseases

The quiet danger

Treatment areas

  • Arterial vascular diseases
  • Vein detections
  • Functional vascular diseases

Vascular diseases can develop slowly over many years without recognising them. Therefore, an early detection and preventing therapies are essential. Our Gesundheitsresort Königsberg is specialised on the treatment and prevention of this disease. Carbonic acid, which is considered as the natural remedy of Bad Schönau, is used for this purpose in liquid and gaseous form. For clarification and monitoring of arterial and venous vascular diseases latest diagnostic options are available at the resort.

Erkrankungen am Stütz- und Bewegungsapparat

Problems/discomfort with the musculoskeletal system

Mobile into very old age

Treatment areas

  • Degenerative (arthritic) and inflammatory changes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Post-operative treatment
  • Posttraumatic conditions (as consequences of injuries)
  • Phantom pain after amputation

The Gesundheitsresort Königsberg offers a 600 m² indoor training area called Therarama. Year-round you have the possibility to train strength, persistence and coordination with the latest equipment and with professional support. We also offer an indoor climbing wall as well as an indoor walking area.

Gesundheitsvorsorge Aktiv

Preventative health measures

Actively for your health


  • Movement motivation
  • Movement optimisation
  • Mental health

At the Gesundheitsresort Königsberg, we also offer various, active programmes combined with workshops and consultations regarding health relevant topics. In addition we provide diverse physical/ balneologic treatments in a defined scope.

Psychosoziale Gesundheit

Psychosocial health

Living in balance

Treatment areas

  • Depressions
  • Anxiety and adaptation disorder
  • Burnout – depressive exhaustion
  • Somatoform disorders – pain disorders
  • Stress responses
  • Specific personality disorders
  • Post-treatment after serious emotional crises
  • Traumatisations

Mental illness is a growing problem in today’s society. Also in Austria, an ongoing increase in sick days can be registered. In the course of an inpatient rehabilitation stay we help you returning to working life and to your direct social environment. We also offer a range of individual prevention packages to escape the stress of everyday life.